Constance McCloy, ED, PT, CPEH

Lyn Ludwig, CYI, CMT, CPEH

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to bring this course to you! “Animal Friends: Their Energy, Behaviors, and Relationships with Humans” is a class that brings a different perspective to how animals and their humans relate to one another and experience life energetically.

We plan to have fun! The class includes many interesting activities and discussions, and you’ll also get to meet others who love and enjoy animals.

We’re looking forward to being with you! (see bios below)

Many blessings,

Lyn Ludwig and Constance McCloy

Bios of Teachers of the Animal Friends Course

Lyn Ludwig, CPEH, CYI, CMT is a Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing energy work. She brings her background as a Certified Hatha Yoga practitioner and Certified Massage Therapist into her work with animals and their people. Lyn’s energy work practice has centered mostly on dogs with a variety of health and behavioral challenges.  Through energy and intuition, Lyn helps owners understand their pets’ experiences and their behaviors. Especially interesting is Lyn’s work with dogs dealing with transitioning from living in animal shelters towards living in their “forever homes.”

 “There is a growing awareness of how our animals can teach US, and as responsible guardians and participants of this planet, it is essential to support their energetic flow as well as our own.”


Constance McCloy, EdD, PT, CPEH is a Certified Practitioner and Certified Teacher of Esoteric Healing (AKA Energy Healing). She brings her background as a physical therapist, academician and spiritual explorer into her work with animals and their people. Constance’s energy work practice with animals has centered mostly on cats, dogs, rabbits and birds dealing with challenges such as health issues, PTSD, behavioral issues, adoption transition, or life/death transition.

“Joy…working with animals carries such joy and a deep sense of connection... I’ve found that getting to be with animals and their people in this energetic way, even during tough times, most often brings understanding and healing, deep joy and meaning to all involved.”

 Animal Friends: Their Energy, Behaviors and Relationships with Humans


Animals are energetic, conscious beings. The purpose of this class is to explore how the energy of “Wise Love” influences and guides the relationships between people and animals. 

Workshop Topics

Energy- what is it?
The relationship between an animal’s energy field and their behavior
How the energy fields of humans and animals interact
Energy and its relationship to intuition
Ways to consciously connect with our pets and other animals
“Energy work” and how it is beneficial for animals and humans


 Learning Activities: Mini Lectures, Case examples, Demonstration of Energy Assessment and Balancing, 

Location:   To Be Announced  (address and map issued upon registration)

Total Cost:   $95.00 (please register by paying a $45.00 non-refundable registration fee upon registration).  Remaining Balance due the first day of the course.

To register for the course: please contact  Lyn Ludwig at  303-956-7039,  OR                                                         Constance McCloy at  317-402-6175,