Bioenergy Treatment​​ 

Assisting the Divine in the Canine


Are you aware that ​​​​​​​​​​​​all living things possess vital energy that allow them to experience life? This energy can be seen in the way we move, think and feel.  Additionally, this energy has a natural flow to it so that it supports our health.  During times of stress, our bodies adapt to the situation so that we may handle the challenges at hand.  What happens if the stress occurs for too long? Our energy may become blocked, held or overstimulated.  In some cases, acute trauma will also have the same result.  When this happens, disease may occur inhibiting our vitality.  

Dogs have energy which is unique to them. An example of their physical vitality is seen in how they run or track a scent.  An example of their mental vitality is shown in how they respond to direction during agility trials or when they perform tricks.  Emotionally,  they feel love and devotion and may express it through looking into our eyes, wagging their tails or being by our side through all of our challenges.  Just like humans, dogs experience stress, chronic conditions and disease.        

Bioenergy sessions provide a gentle and natural option to balance your dog's energy and tap into their innate energetic process with the goal of vitalizing a being's energy field.

Please contact me today to discuss how I may be a member of your dog's support team and be of assistance to you and your dog.                       

                                               Lyn Ludwig